Rochesters Ultimate Dodgeball Championship

Divisions: Mens Ages 16+, Womens Ages 16+, Coed Ages 16+ 

32 Team Max Per Division! (15 Total Courts / Fields)

Date: Saturday October 24th 8am - 8pm

6 players on a court at once (max roster of 10)

3 Game Pool Play Guranteed. 1 Team from each pool advances to playoffs.

Tournament Champions will receive a 1 month free gym membership (for each player)

Team Registration Fee: $315

Tournament Overview:

  1. Max roster of 10, 6 players on the court/field at a time

  2. Rosters may not change the day of the tournament

  3. Pool Play (4 teams pools) will include 3 matches per team (1 match is best 2 out of 3 games). 

  4. 40 Minute hard stop for pool play games (Time restraints on how long you can hold a ball will be applied last 5 min of match)

  5. Only the 1st Seed in each pool will advance to single emilimination playoffs

  6. Playoff matches will be best 3 out of 5, championship best 4 out of 7

Game Play Rules:

  1. NO TAUNTING OR CHEATING: Any players that taunt or cheat may get their team disqualified.

  2. During game openings players must begin with their hand touching the ball and can not leave the wall until the ref indicates to do so, after retreiving the ball players must return and touch the wall before eliminating any players from the opposing team.

  3. If a ball strikes a person and the ball hits the floor that person is out

  4. If a ball is caught, the person that threw the ball is out and a previously eliminated player may return into the game

  5. If a ball strikes a person and the ball is caught before hitting the ground the player who threw the ball is out and a perviously eliminated player may reenter into the game

  6. If a ball hits 2 people in 1 throw and hits the floor, both of the players struck are out.

  7. You may use a ball to deflect an oppenents ball but if you drop the ball you are deflecting with, during a deflection, then you are out.

  8. Head shots count

  9. If a player steps over the middle line that player is out

  10. If a player jumps over the middle line and releases a ball before hitting the ground and that ball strikes an opponent, the player that threw the ball and the player that was struck by the ball are both out 

  11. Each sets will go untill all players on one team are eliminated

  12. Pool Play matches will have a 40 min hard stop. During the last 5 minutes of matches players cannot hold the ball for longer then 10 seconds. 

3...2.....1.. DODGEBALL!

THAW Winter BYOT Mixed Tournament

Date: Friday March 20th

Time: 9pm-1am

Price: $200/team

Ratio: 4:2

Location: Pinnacle Athletic Campus

Welcome to THAW, a new one-night winter tournament.  For the price of admission, your team will receive one sheet pizza and five games of ultimate through the night.  Join us for a great night of fun and ultimate!”

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