Pinnacles Indoor Baseball League

Divisions: 12U, 15U, 16U, 17U

Wood bats required for 15U, 16U, & 17U

4 Team Max Per Division

Dates: Every Sunday starting October 25th

Home Plate Umpire provided for each game

8 Total League Games plus a semi-final and possible final

10 Minutes for Warm Ups, Games: 1 Hour & 20 minute hard stop

Team Registration Fee: $1495

Early Bird Registration (Before 10/1): $1400


Admission Fee: $5 for Adults, $3 for children under 18 or seniors over 65

Indoor League Rules:

  1. Divisions 15U and up must use a minus 3 wood bat

  2. If a fly ball hits the ceiling in fair territory its an automatic out

  3. If a fly ball hits the ceiling in foul territory its a foul ball

  4. If the ball hits the back outfield netting in the air players must play it off the net

  5. If the ball gets caught in the netting and the defensive player raises his hand indicating the ball is lost then the batter is granted a ground rule double.

  6. Overthrows are a live ball unless they leave the playing area. They are then out of play. If a ball is out of play each base runner is granted an extra base.