Here at Pinnacle, we stress giving 100% effort. Every rep, every drill, every practice and every game. We guarantee a drastic difference in your game but some of the responsibility is on you. If you hustle, train hard, give us your all, week after week, the sky is the limit. Our coaches here develop driven, aggressive ball players into the best pitchers and catchers they can be. They show up every week with a positive attitude and a passion to bring their game to the next level. By committing to our Pitching/Catching program, you will not only become a better ball player on the mound or behind the plate, you will become a better athlete, and a better person.


You commit to showing up every week, to hustle, make eye contact, give us your all and we promise you’ll become a better pitcher/catcher.

Stay positive and driven, give us what we ask and it will return to you ten-fold. You’ll be pushed, in the most positive way, to work harder, to over prepare, to never settle. You will do good, be good and radiate confidence. Most importantly, your attitude will shift from believing that you can, to knowing that you always WILL.


Lessons can be scheduled by calling our facility and booking with our front desk. Take a look at our coaches' online availability to see what day/time works best for you and the coach. 

The first time meeting with us is primarily for evaluation. We work hard to determine the level of skill you currently have and define your weaknesses so we don't waste any time in the improvement process. After your evaluation, we dive into the good stuff week by week. 

Pitchers and catchers are natural positions of leadership on the field. Our coaches will not only work with you on your techniques and mechanics, but they will get you to radiate confidence on the field so you are comfortable vocalizing yourself come game time and do not breakdown under pressure. Stacy and Morgan also check in on the school/grades front, work, and even can help you with the college recruiting process with their wide range of college connections. We know that you will not always be a softball player which is why we care about the other important things in your life off the field. 


Pinnacle Athletic Campus is a premier softball training facility, including the largest indoor turf space in New York State. It provides you with the most game-realistic practice time you'll find. Throw 300ft long toss, work on an actual sized softball field for throwdowns, pickoffs, and plays to the plate, and practice your communication by filling our facility with your voice of a leader. Founded on life-enriching principals, this facility aligns perfectly with our coaches' values, providing a supportive atmosphere to coach groups of young women. 

Pinnacle Athletic Campus

7600 Pinnacle Drive

Victor, NY 14564

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We look forward to working with you on achieving your pitching and catching goals!